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echor and the community

our mission

A fundamental part of our vision for Echor is a wide-reaching programme of ongoing outreach work. We see this work as being vitally important in creating and supporting connections in our community.  

We are passionate about deconstructing the idea that the arts are elitist. You don’t have to be a professional musician to make great music! We will be working with people from diverse communities, from those who have never picked up an instrument before to those with musical experience, to create new and exciting high-quality music that crosses class and cultural boundaries. The work we create together will take various forms, explore different genres of music and will be a prominent feature of Echor Projects.

One of the main areas we want to address is isolation. There are many reasons why people feel isolated, and of course now more than ever it is critical that we combat loneliness across the community. We will be working locally to bring together people from groups prone to isolation, such as older people, new mums, single parents and their children, migrants and recent retirees.


It is our hope that adopting a co-creative approach to music making with the groups we work with will, both directly and indirectly, have a positive impact on the well-being and engagement of the participants and communities that we serve.

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